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iPatientCare Electronic Healthcare Records Software
iPatientCare Electronic Healthcare Records Software


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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software - iPatientCare

Medical Management Software

Ipatientcare -Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR) for automated patient visit documentation call us today at 954-900-2671Electronic Medical Records – iPatientcare

Developed for: All medical specialties with a need for easy to use and compre- hensive electronic medical record solution to automate patient records and provide modern storage capabilities.


The iPatientCare EMR Electronic Medical Record software is designed to provide physicians with an affordable medical records system to manage patient care and improve productivity. iPatientCare is a tool for physicians to improve patient service and care with highly-rated medical software that documents all aspects of the patient's medical condition and treatment. And our EMR solution is CCHIT certified (mMD.net).

iPatientCare EMR uses the latest technology to create a simple and intuitive documentation process for the doctor's encounter with the patient. The system's easy-to-use screens and workflow facilitate the development of a patient's electronic medical record, support the diagnosis and treatment processes, provides a simple documentation procedure, and proposes coding and billing recommendations.

iPatientCare EMR has a complete front office sub-system which provides scheduling, messaging, referral processing, patient registration, and patient historical charting. A physician has the ability to view his/her schedule, retrieve messages, manage daily tasks, and chart patients. Our comprehensive electronic medical records software is geared to improving your practice's operations.

iPatientCare iPatientCare Electronic Medical Records software is designed to improve the quality of patient care. Each patient's medical history will be stored and easily available in the system. In addition, the system enhances the patient's experience at the office by facilitating the check-in process, reducing the paperwork required and improving the accuracy of patient data. Physicians can access these records anytime via the Internet. Easily viewable appointment calendars and task lists organize the time a doctor spends with the patient to assure that every minute is spent in consultation and treatment. Internet portals provide access informational sites to broaden the physician's knowledge base and update them on developments in diagnoses and treatments. Improved prescribing and laboratory interfaces also enhance the patient's experience.

iPatientCare also integrates with the MedStar's suite of practice management software, DrWorks, MedStar and medical billing software products to provide complete office workflow administration on both the clinical and operational sides.

Here are some of the benefits your office will experience when using the MedStar iPatientCare electronic medical records software:

Increased Productivity

iPatientCare Electronic Medical Records software provides your practice with the tools to streamline office and physician workflows. The system tracks daily appointment schedules for easy access by the physicians and administrators; lists physician tasks to assure consistency of activities and treatment; provides reminders and electronic messages; and manages office documents for distribution and further processing. With the MedStar iPatientcare EMR Electronic Medical Records solution, physicians work with Clinical Templates to capture patient encounter information in just a few minutes and with a minimum amount of computer interactions. Patient information and history can be captured before the encounter with the physician to optimize the use of physician face time.

Adherence to Best Practices

iPatientCare Electronic Medical Records software provides the intelligence to implement best practices in your healthcare business. Our electronic medical records system has the knowledge base to support the physician's diagnosis and treatment decisions at the service location. Doctors and medical personnel can access best medical practices procedures, diagnosis and treatment guidelines, preventative health recommendations, drug interactions, and care algorithms. The software assists the medical healthcare provider to offer the best possible patient service and creates cost efficiencies at the medical office.

Medical Coding Recommendations

Another feature that distinguishes iPatientCare Electronic Medical Records software is its ability to automatically integrate the clinical documentation for patients and encounters with CMS guidance documents and recommendations for payment systems and coding to suggest procedure and diagnosis coding. The automation of evaluation, documentation and coding processes is sure to result in improved charge capture, increased reimbursements and more efficient medical billing operations at the medical practice.

Seamless Operation with Billing System

iPatientcare Electronic Medical Records software is automatically and seamlessly linked with DrWorks, MedStar practice management and medical billing software. Patient demographic, scheduling, facility, treatment and other information is consistently used to assure the efficient functioning of the office. Coding recommendations are developed and applied to the billing process consistently.

HIPAA Compliant

Every effort has been made to assure that iPatientCare fully complies with HIPAA regulations and security mandates. The system incorporates several levels of security, password management and audit trails to assure the privacy of patient records.

Technologically Advanced and Easy-to-Use

iPatientCareis an EMR system based on the most advanced software and computing technology to provide an easy-to-use, interactive operating environment. Users will quickly adapt to the systems' visually oriented screens and logical workflow patterns. Contact a MedStar representative toll free at 954-900-2671 to learn more about the MedStar EMR offering.

iPatientcare Features:

  • Intuitive Physician Interface Screens
  • Single Click Physician and Office Task Dashboard
  • Dragon, Integrated Medical Billing Software Capabilities
  • Medical Office Workflow Management
  • Medical Office Appointment Scheduling
  • Electronic Medical Record and Reports Generation
  • Complete Electronic Chart Storage
  • Digital Voice Recordings
  • 128 Bit Wireless Security
  • Paper Chart Scanning
  • Scalable
  • Affordable
  • Portable

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