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Medical Record System

Is your medical software out of date? If your practice needs new software to manage your patients and payments, then we have the ultimate package solution for you. The Medstar medical record system is the most advanced software package available for managing in and out patients, and tracking payments, claims and denials. Our product is multi-functional and fully adaptable to any practice’s system. You will love all the great benefits you get from our software.

We understand that upgrading your private practice’s medical software is a big decision, so we let you try a full demo of our product for a free trial period! We can also arrange for a free demonstration of the many features of our product. Our sales team are fully knowledgeable about our product, and can assist you with any of its functions. Our medical record system was designed to improve the operating efficiency of your payment tracking and patient monitoring systems to make the day to day running of your practice simpler and more profitable.

Many of our customers claim that our medical record system has greatly helped to improve cash flow in their practice. The system that tracks payments and health insurance claims is the most accurate and up to date of its kind in America, and you will always know exactly what is going on with all of your payments. When a payment is denied a message will alert you and ask you what you would like to do. This system can help greatly reduce the percentage payments that are denied, and improve the profitability of your practice.

Not only will our medical record system help the money flow in faster, but it will also leave you with more time to care for your patients. With many mundane administrative tasks taken care of automatically, you won’t have to waste your time in front of a database when you could be treating patients. We believe that medical software should be as functional and as easy to use as possible, to allow you to spend your time doing something more important.

With this in mind, we consulted many physicians and medical administrators in the design of this product. Our engineering department have built the program from the ground up, using no pre-made components. This means that you get a totally original and massively functional system that is also compatible with all insurance companies and medical suppliers. You will love all of the amazing functions that our medical record system boasts.

The Medstar system is designed to be the complete medical office management tool, and we have designed it to be as functional, versatile and modular as possible. This means you can customize it for your office without needing to call in a programmer. When you purchase this medical record system you get a free subscription to our update service, which lets you keep your software on the cutting edge.


Medical Record System
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Medical Record System